Story of Ice Board Blade !
Developed by Róbert Taller, The Ice Blade board is a supplementary equipment for boards, which enables you to ride on any surface of ice. Like a wheel just for ice. Only one part is different, which is a rubber line: it helps with positioning any time any jumps for stable landing.

Step out from bindings !!!
It’s highly recommended to wear overshoe grip in case you would step out of bindings on ice, otherwise the kite drags you on ice.
Just a fast and cheap workaround with some little screws, at the bottom of the shoes to get your own overshoe grip.
It’s much more easy to stand stable on ice with the grip after a fall cause of false jump.

How fast you can go? It Depends on your stability.
My max speed is 71,5km/h with ATS truck and orange(medium) bushings (this is for freestyle settings).
If you want to reach your max speed, you have to use red bushings/eggshocks.
When you reach te max speed, you may feel SPEED WOBBLE.
ATS trucks: freestyle, freeride
Matrix Trucks :freeride, speedride

How hard is it to jump with the iceboardblade on your board? Is it hard to land the jump without falling? Jumping with an iceboardblade is the same as on any board without the blade.
Difficulty of landing depends of your jumping skills and your board’s flexibility.
On the other hand, it’s a bit easier to jump on ice cause it’s easier to edge on this surface than on grass/land.

There are 3 possibilities to going swich side.
1. Jumping and turning
2. Power slide: Put weight on your toes. Push back foot (supporting leg) forward to switch weight between foots.
3. Heelside to toeside carves : its only a big turning

Do power slide with hard edging the luv side of your board. It’s basically the same movement like on land but please note many power slides can dull your blades.


Mounting and sharpening instructions for the kit are shown on my videos page.
Mounting the iceboardblade on your mountainboard is just like a replacing the wheels. You won’t loose the warranty of your board, if you use ATS truck and you replace the aluminimum spacer to stainless steel spacer. This spacer included in the kit.
If you have axle with 10mm dinameter the 9.5 can be drillet up to 10mm but please contact me first.