All blades are laser cutted from Swiss iron.
We use abrasion resistant  steel, 450 hb full surface without any tempering.
Compare to: stainless steel (200-300hb)
carbon steel    (130-170hb)
“hb=Brinell hardness”

The shape is made to be good balanced, and it helps to stabize landigs.
The blades are made for freeride, and freestyle riding style, but can be used for high speed riding as well.
The board is as high with the blades on it as on wheels.
We kept these settings cause of the possible flexybility of boards which make landings more smooth.
No matter which direction or stance (like switch) you are, blades are multi directional.
We recommend to use this shape for kitesurfing and windsurfing on ice.

We used stainless steel for TIG welding.
The blades ares sharpened to ca:85 degrees
For long live durability we pre sharpened the blades and galvanized on all surface.

The blade is a one piece material. Easy to use and mount your board.
For use you just have to replace the four wheels, and connect whith the rubber line.
The ATS blade and the Matrix Blade ist a same, the only difference is the hole diameter.
We were looking for a while to find the best solution, but finally we are happy to say that we found the best painting for the blades with high impact resistance!