Glider Skateboard/longboard trucks


GLIDER IceBoardBlade for 8mm dinameter axle skateboard

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IceBoardBlade GLIDER for skateboard trucks inspired by  icesaling
features :
8 mm dinameter track axle compatible all skateboard / longboard truck
Ideal for icesaling or icewing
4mm thick metal for faster speed in snow
Traditional 90 degree blade edge
Unidirectional, light weight design one piece metal
Easily passes through large cracks in the ice, does not stuck into a cracks.
Corrosion resistant :cloated copper and nickel
Comming in a box whit ruber band
Nice laser engraved design
Inside the box 4 blades, rubber line, soft blade holder,stickers
Tricks:                  3/5
Turning:               3/5
Glide:                    5/5
Speed:                   5/5
Side support:      5/5

V4 new features:
updated material cold resistant, 55-56HRC Rockwell. 17% harder material
more uiformed blade edge for constas qualirty
Updated letters : fiber galvo engraver

Shipping price included (worldwide)   except for Russia, unfortunately, parcel carriers do not take it:)

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