IceBoardBlade Skateboard/longboard V3


Iceboard blade for 8mm dinameter axle skateboard

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Ice Board Skate board V3

New V3 version :
3D shaped edge, flat end of edge for worn out ice
20% harder before
Harder painting  

8mm diameter hole what you can use all skateboard or longboard
4mm thick metal: lighter than skateboard wheels
Small turning angle which is very good for quick change of direction
Ideal for freestye or freeride or jump tricks
Directional light weight design one piece metal
Corrosion resistant :cloated copper and nickel
Comming in a box whit ruber band
Nice laser engraved design
Best choice for natural ice (hard ice)
Very good side support when used for wind slips
Inside the box 4 blades, rubber band, soft blade holder,stickers
Shipping price included (worldwide)


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