RACE V4 Skateboard


New version of RACE blade for skateboard 8mm dinameter axle
RACE Blade for skateboard/longboard/skateboard

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This blade is inspired by ATSX competition.And the best blade for competitions is also one of the most versatile blades.
Longer sliding surface for higher speed. Stretched rocker due to crossing the uneven ice surface.
Graceful shape due to the light weight.
Ideal for Race and freeriding.

Tricks:                  4/5
Turning:               4/5
Glide:                    4/5
Speed:                   4.5/5
Side support:       4/5

V4 new features:
updated material cold resistant, 55-56HRC Rockwell. 17% harder material
updated blade egdge, added more flat for more speed :ca10%
more uiformed blade edge for constas qualirty
Updated letters : fiber galvo engraver
Smaler cut out hole for less gap.
20% smaler logo cut out for greater bending strength
Included V3 best features:
3D shaped edge, flat end of edge for worn out ice
Harder painting

Inside the box: 4 blades, rubber line, soft blade holder, 6 stickers
Shipping price included (worldwide) except for Russia, unfortunately, parcel carriers do not take it:)

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