FREESTYLE V4 Skateboard


New version of smal blade for skateboard 8mm dinameter axle
Freestye Blade for skateboard/longboard/skateboard

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This blade can also be called a classic! Very good shapely size, similar to the wheels.
Small weight to help in most of the tricks :kickflip,shuvit , ollie.
Ideal for freestyle tricks and freeriding.

Tricks:                  5/5
Turning:               5/5
Glide:                    3/5
Speed:                   3*/5
Side support:      3.5/5
*if the temperature +3 – +10 and ice melting then this is the fastes blade.  Speed: 5/5

V4 new features:
updated material cold resistant, 55-56HRC Rockwell. 17% harder material
updated blade egdge added more speed ca10%
more uiformed blade edge for constas qualirty
Updated letters : fiber galvo engraver
Smaler cut out hole for less gap.
20% smaler logo cut out for greater bending strength
Included V3 best features:
3D shaped edge, flat end of edge for worn out ice
Harder painting

Inside the box: 4 blades, rubber line, soft blade holder, 6 stickers
Shipping price included (worldwide) except for Russia, unfortunately, parcel carriers do not take it:)

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