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The Story of Ice Board Blade!

Developed by Róbert Taller, The Ice Board Blade is
a piece of supplementary equipment for boards,
which enables you to ride on any kind of surface of
ice. It works the same way as wheels, only on ice.
There is one difference though. You hook a pair
of rubber cords (bungee cords) to the blades, so
you are able to land tricks and jumps properly and


Material : Raex 500 iron 4mm thick
Corrosion protection :nickel coating & painting
Blade edge 92 degrees
One piece blade “no bearings necessary”

MOUNTING update your board to ice

MOUNTING update your board to ice
For Mounting and sharpening instructions for the
kit head to my videos page.
Mounting the iceboardblade on your mountainboard is just like replacing the wheels. You won’t
lose the warranty of your board if you use ATS truck
and you replace the aluminum spacer with stainless steel spacer. This spacer is included in the kit.
If you have an axle with 10mm diameter the 9.5 can
be drilled up to 10mm but please contact me first.

Step out from bindings !!!

Step out from bindings !!!
How fast you can go? It Depends on your stability.
My max speed is 71,5km/h with ATS truck and orange(medium) bushings (this is for freestyle settings).
If you want to reach your max speed, you have to
use red bushings/eggshocks.
When you reach max speed, you may feel SPEED
ATS trucks: freestyle, freeride
Matrix Trucks :freeride, speedride


I got my IceBoardBlade package and my rubber bands
are not tight. – The rubber bands were made for longer
boards, if you use a shortboard maybe the rubber bands
are going to be loose.
Solution: Make a knot or a double knot in the middle of
the rubber bands

I tested the IceBlade on ice skate rink and I feel high
resistance to slipping.

We originally developed the blades to natural ice “hard
ice”. In ice skate rinks there is soft ice and the blades slipping resistance is 30% more than on natural ice.

How often should I sharpen my Ice Board Blades?

– During normal riding conditions the blades almost never need to be sharpened, they can last for a lifetime.

I have created this blade because I wanted to share the Joy I am experiencing when I am riding on it.
Róbert Taller
Founder, Owner
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